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    This is Hong, Yeh-Son who is responsible for the steering of the Korean Society for Fluid Power & Construction Equipment as president for 2018-2019.

    First, I wish a Happy New Year for all the members and their family.

    It’s been 18 years since our society has been found. Thanks to former presidents, staffs, and all the members’ great efforts, our society has become a representative academic society for construction equipment which is a major application field of pneumatic/hydraulic technology of Korea.

    In 2013, our society made the first step to globalization by co-hosting a national academic conference ICMT 2013. From July 2013, our society has participated in human resource development projects for the Next Generation Support for Constructing Machinery & Equipment Technology(funded by the ‘Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Republic of Korea’ and carried by ‘Korea Institute of Industrial Technology’) and until 2019, our society is responsible for the education of workers in the construction equipment field (e.g. Shot-term lectures, mentoring). For the last two years from 2012, our society organized two research groups (Hydraulic Pump Research Group and Energy Efficient Hydraulic System Research Group) and has exchanged member’s knowledge and technique actively.

    As everyone knows, “The Journal of The Korean Society for Fluid Power and Construction Equipment”, was raised to one of the registered journals of ‘National Research Foundation of Korea’. This achievement is due to the hard work of our editors and excellent papers of our members. I offer my sincerest congratulations. We need to put more our efforts to make our journal to become more substantial.

    As mentioned above, our society has advanced continuously so far. However, we still need more improvement compared to other advanced societies. The staff and I, serving this term will do our best to make a more substantial society which offers forums of academic/technical exchange and a warmer society where there is close relationships between members. I expect all the members’ unchanging love and active participation to our society. Thank you.